Treatments with Regenerative Medicine | Stem Cells

Stem Cells is an advanced field in medicine that aims to not only repair the organ tissues but to completely REGENERATE them. Meaning, the organs regain their original functions and performance. We at the European Advanced Medicine Hospital  are experts in this field and offer a wide array of cellular treatments.


Osteoarthritis, Sports injuries, joint pain, difficult fractures, bone necrosis … Our mastery of the management of these pathologies provides us with the best response and in the shortest possible time. Not always bone and muscle diseases respond to conventional therapy, consuming much time in both treatment and recovery, forcing long periods of inactivity. Cell therapy achieves better results in complex cases, with a much shorter convalescence period.


Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, Atrophy and Vaginal Dryness, Vaginal Hypermobility. Stem cells have proven effective in stimulating the recovery of numerous tissues, in the case of the vaginal mucosa returning its original elasticity and lubrication. We are experts in the treatment of the symptoms that accompany menopause, with proven results in the recovery of vaginal mucosal function, combining cell therapies with laser biostimulation and without the need for hormonal treatment that come with heavy side effects.


Our experience, based not only on success with our patients, but on an important scientific base of treatments with stem cells, contrasted and supported in multicentric clinical trials, has led us to find solutions for very complex diseases. For instance, in the case of Intestinal fístulas; we have successfully developed a solution that treats it completely. We combine minimally invasive surgery techniques with the application of cellular therapies, achieving success and recovery rates for our patients better than any other clinic in Europe.

Joints Pathology

The regeneration of the articular cartilage through stem cells and  other cellular treatments has proven to be extremely successful and offers excellent results. The positive results of this treatment range from the better control of pain to the shortening of the recovery time.
Arthrosis is one of the most prevalent diseases in the general population. It is produced by the worsening of the articular cartilage which prevents the articulation from functioning properly, causing pain and injury to the bones of the joint. Conventional medicine only offers anti-inflammatories for the treatment of pain, or much more aggressive solutions such as joint replacement surgery. In no case is it possible to achieve cartilage repair, which is what we are experts in, and achieve every day with our regenerative treatment together with stem cells.

In case you do not find your problem within our service portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us. We have extensive experience in complex cases, which require a careful and personalized study to propose the most advanced treatment that offers the best results to our patients.

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