What is the origin of Ozone Therapy?

Ozonoterapia EAMH Marbella

Ozone was already known in ancient times. In fact, in Greek,’ozein’ means’gas that smells’. It was discovered in 1785 by the Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum (1750-1837) when he perceived a peculiar smell that was generated near the electrostatic machines, but it was not until May 1840 that the German chemist Cristian Friedrich Schonbein (1799-1868) synthesized it.

Ozone gas, O3, is a reactive oxygen species with multiple medical applications. Medical ozone,for the Ozone Therapy treatment, is obtained immediately prior to treatment in a medical ozone generator that provides us with a mixture of ozone and oxygen at the concentration required for the treatment to be performed.

This incredible gas, thanks to its particular properties and the different ways in which it reacts with biological tissues – extensively studied and described – has great beneficial effects in relation to health:

  • It regulates oxidative stress, which, as we know, is the cause of cell death and malfunction.
  • Modulates immune activity.
  • It increases the metabolism of O2.
  • It has a high bactericidal and germicidal power.
  • It’s a circulation enhancer. Once our ozone treatment is completed, the blood improves its ability to circulate through narrower microcapillaries, thus improving microcirculation by platelet breakdown.
  • In addition, red blood cells improve their ability to absorb and transfer oxygen.
  • It is analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
  • It is a stimulator of tissue regeneration.

All these properties make Ozono Therapy a very valuable therapy in:

  • Wounds and ulcers (such as those of diabetics).
  • Healing processes.
  • Burns.
  • Pathologies of viral origin.
  • Joint inflammations and osteoarthritis.
  • Gynecology: for example, in vaginitis due to fungus or bacteria.
  • Anti Aging: to increase the quality of life and for a better cerebral oxygenation.
  • General immune system activator.
  • The treatment of herniated discs, for which we will make a specific article.

Scientific evidence from Ozone Therapy:
When we talk about ozone therapy we must emphasize the simplicity of its treatment, high effectiveness, good tolerance, and virtually no side effects.

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