Why Regenerative Medicine?
Our work has been directed towards restoring balance through repair and regeneration.
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Why Genetic Medicine?
The discovery of DNA and identification of genes clarified that it contains the keys to health.
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NEW! Knee Advanced Unit
Do you have problems, pain or injury in your knee? The solution is hosted in your own cells
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Digestive System Unit
We solving problems with inflammatory bowel disease, a chronic disease that affects patients’ quality of life.
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Regenerative Gynecoesthetic Unit
Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of Vulvar Lichen scleroatrophicus with regenerative cells.
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Advanced Laser Therapy Unit
With Fotona SP Dynamis we can perform more treatments than with a conventional laser.
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Antiaging and Estetic Unit
Unity with the latest treatments and procedures of regenerative medicine to rejuvenate your face, body…..
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Genetic Medicine and Laboratory Unit
With the genetic medicine diagnosis we can detect diseases before they develop.
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European Advance Medicine Hospital (EAM Hospital)

From our beginnings we have been aware that there are many unanswered questions in the field of medicine, health problems that are not given the right approach and that are evolving towards chronicity in increasingly complex syndromes that involve and overlap different organs and devices.

European Advanced Medicine Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced medicine centers in Spain. We have specialized in Regenereative Medicine. The treatments in our hospital are the most advanced in the province of Málaga, Marbella and in general the Costa del Sol.

For example, we successfully treat fistulas and anal fissures in Crohn’s disease, or do knee or shoulder treatments in our Regenerative Traumatology Unit, at our West Marbella hospital (Elviria, Malaga).

For us, there are no patients but people, and there is no disease but imbalance, loss of health status. Our work and our lines of research are aimed both at the achievement of the recovery of the state of balance, through the repair and regeneration of the organs and their function, as well as the prevention that helps us to maintain and not lose the physiological situation of health and vital fullness.

Only by seeing the patient as a whole, taking into account both the psychic and the somatic sphere, can we arrive at an accurate diagnosis that will help us understand what is happening, why it is happening and how we can solve it.

For this we have the most advanced technology, and a team of professionals with the highest qualification in different specialties.

We are innovative and we are at the forefront of the latest advances in medicine, cell therapies, growth factors, minimally invasive microsurgery, nanotechnology applied to medicine, translational, integrative, orthomolecular and antiaging medicine. All our treatments are approached from Regenereative Medicine

Our approach to people covers all facets of European Advanced Medicine Hospital. We are aware that there are many factors that influence the recovery of people’s health. Not only do we have a first-class medical team in the field of Regenereative Medicine, but we have also decided that our facilities are the most comfortable for our clients and their health and we have chosen a unique location to develop our advanced medical services.

EAM Hospital in Marbella (Clinic in Elviria) and Estepona

Costa de Sol is one of the most important and most representative areas of Spain and Europe. The Mediterranean climate that bathes the Costa del Sol and especially Marbella is another of the benefits of this wonderful destination. Marbella is protected by the mountains of Sierra Blanca, which provides a special microclimate that originates an average annual temperature of 18ºC with minimums that do not usually fall below 10º. Enjoy about 3000 hours of sunshine per year. Rains are scarce throughout the year in the province of Málaga.  Another attraction in the area is Puerto Banus, where you can enjoy luxury boutiques, haute cuisine restaurants and super exclusive services.

All this means that EAMH is present in three centers on the Costa del Sol. in Marbella, Elviria and Estepona where our clients can receive the most advanced medical treatments in the field of Regenereative Medicine and enjoy the best environment in Spain.

Meet Our Team of Doctors

Our hospital in Marbella and Estepona and our clinic in Elviria have the best professionals in the sector. Our director and doctor has over 20 years of experience. Expert in Regenerative Medicine, medicine with innovative advanced medical treatments based on cell therapy. We also have, in our staff, one of the greatest experts in surgery and minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Manuel Martín, and another great specialist in Advanced Lastherapy with the 4D FOTONA Laser, our doctor César Arroyo Romo, among other doctors specialized in Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine. You can count on them at our clinic in Elviria and at our EAM Hospital centres. Below is a technical data sheet for each of them.

Dra. M. del Mar Luque Fernández
CEO. Specialist in Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Manuel Martín Gómez
Specialist in Minimally invasive surgery unit.
Dr. César Arroyo Romo
Specialist in Advanced Laser Therapy Unit.
Dr. Alfonso Galán
General Medicine Unit.